• In our days people give a great attention to their appearance.
  • The main criterion of beauty is considered to have a slender perfect figure. That is why women and men are so active in fight with excess weight.
  • So what is diet and why it is needed?
  • The term of “diet” comes from Greek origin and means right lifestyle or right nutrition.
  • People who are overweight have one question: What kind of diet to choose?
  • People must understand that their body needs food not for having fats but for having energy to maintain their sports lifestyle.
  • Diet also need that kind of people who have alergic illness.
  • There are many whays of diets which we could apply.


Doctors recommendation to people who want to lose weight.

  • Ø  Doctors are against fast diets for weight loss, after which its completion leads to more weight gain.
  • Ø Each person is different and the power supply system for weight loss should beindividualized. 
  • ØAlso it must be taken into account the age, sex, underlying disease, lifestyle, work and other aspects of each person.
  • Ø  For slimming at first you must eliminate from your diet food sweets: for example candies, cookies, pies, cakes, etc.
  • Ø  If you find it hard to give up with sweets at once, do it gradually.
  • Ø  Just replace harmful carbohydrates with honey or dried fruits.
  • Ø  It is recommended to include as much as possible bran in your daily diet.
  • Ø  According to scientists it is bran that help people to deal with obesity effectively.
  • Ø  It is sufficient to include in the daily diet of 30-40 grams of wheat bran to effectively deal with excess fat deposition, catharsis, to improve its motor skills.
  • Ø  However, it must be done cautiously and gradually incorporate them into your diet and not exceed the rate of the individual.
  • Ø  Also in the diet dieters must be dairy products.
  • Ø  According to scientists, they also contribute to weight loss as they contain the whole complex of nutrients.
  • Ø  There is a sufficient number of diets based on milk products.
  • Ø  Therefore, if you want to loss weight, type in your diet milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt,etc.
  • Ø  It is necessary to abandon from green tea with milk (product dangerous to your joints), tablets and teas for weight losing.
  • Ø  Nutrition must be fractional, at least 4-5 times a day, and the amount per serving should be reduced.
  • Ø  Recommended combine proper diet with enough exercise.
  • Ø  Еxperts recommend yoga breathing exercises and yoga for weight loss.
  • Ø  It is also useful in sports such as swimming, water aerobics, jogging, walking outdoors.
  • Ø  Below you will find other useful dietary recipes and tips which you will benefit.


 Sample menu diet doctor for the day:
Breakfast: Vegetable salad, scrambled eggs
(2-3 eggs), 10 grams of wheat bran.
Second breakfast: 100g cottage cheese, or 100 grams. in
combination with yoghurt half apples, pears, bananas.

Lunch: Steamed vegetables, 100
grams of baked fish / boiled chicken / wheat bran 10 grams,bread from wheat

Аfternoon snack: 100 grams of cheese, 100 grams of yogurt, or in
combination with half an    apple, pear
or banana.
Dinner: vegetable salad, 100 gr. chicken, bread from wheat flour.