3 Most Delicious Armenian Dishes in Spring

Armenians are one of the oldest Christian nations of the world, documented history spanningnearly three thousand years.In the spring Armenians prefer light meals, mainly made from herbs, vegetables and fish.In the spring season Armenians celebrate the Passover.It is tradition in Armenia to fast prior to Easter for a period of…

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Armenian Food: Dishes Made of Eggs

Armenian food culture is unique in the villages. Dishes made of eggs play important role in Armenian food culture especially in the rural areas of Armenia.  Eggs are cooked year-round; dishes are made mainly from chicken and quail eggs, however, occasionally goose, turkey and pigeon eggs are used. Eggs in combination…

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Lavash – Traditional Armenian Bread

Armenian lavashArmenian cuisine is quite popular with its traditional bread called lavash. It is flat, thin and soft bread that can be dried and kept for quite a long term. It is the most widespread bread in Armenia and no festive table can be imagined without lavash.Lavash symbolizes life and…

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