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Armenian Khorovac Barbeque

Armenian barbeque is called Khorovac and usually only men cook it. Khorovats is not only made from meat – it is the common name for all dishes that are cooked with smoke from hot coals.

 In Armenia, you can taste a variety of Khorovats types, including pork, lamb, beef, Sevan trout, sterlet, chicken and other types of meat and fish.

armenian khorovats barbeque

Khorovats is served with a vegetable side dish. As a side dish, chopped tomatoes, eggplant, green pepper are served. All vegetables are strung on skewers and grilled over coals. Then they are removed in a bowl, salted and seasoned with crushed garlic. According to Armenian tradition, the first piece of Khorovats goes to the youngest guest.

Source: Eden Tour