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Armenian Gata

Gata is one of the oldest deserts in the world and a favorite treat of every Armenian.

Gata is made from puff pastry: it can be of various shapes, and usually has filled by choriz – a mixture of sugar, flour and butter, and in some regions cottage cheese, dried fruits and nuts are also added.

According to one version, the origin of the name “ghat” is associated with the Armenian word “kat” (in a number of dialects of “ghat”) – milk.

Each Armenian housewife has special secrets for preparing gata. There are also special gata recipes in almost every Armenian province. So, the most famous are Stepanavan, Karaklis, Yerevan and Gyumri gatas.

And the most popular among tourists is, of course, the gata from the village of Garni, which is made in the form of a large round pie.

Source: Eden Tour