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Harissa: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Harissa traditional Armenian dish

Harissa is a traditional dish that demands time and effort, making the act of sharing it with your loved ones all the more special and meaningful. This dense, coarse wheat porridge, crafted through prolonged stirring, features boiled and simmered chicken. The meat, cooked slowly to achieve a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, used to be traditionally lamb, but these days, chicken has gained popularity. Whether made with chicken or lamb, Harissa is sure to leave your plate spotless and your belly content!

Sweet Gata Note

armenian gata

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket on chilly winter days, savoring the sound of rain outside your window or watching snow lazily descend while cradling a hot cup of tea and indulging in a delightful serving of the iconic Gata. This beloved Armenian pastry is a favorite for many reasons—it’s sweet without overwhelming, easy to store, and visually pleasing. Gata comes in various shapes, sizes, and versions, with the filling typically comprising walnuts or “khoriza,” a delectable blend of flour, sugar, and butter.

The One and Only Khash

armenian khash

If there’s no khash on the table on a cold Armenian winter morning, something’s amiss. This unique dish consists of boiled lamb or cow parts (head, stomach, legs, and more!). While it might seem unconventional at first, one spoonful will have you coming back for more. A generous amount of minced garlic and crumbled dry pita bread are essential, but what truly makes authentic khash is a shot of vodka—yes, vodka for breakfast with khash, because the combination is truly worth it!

We Love Dolma in All Its Manifestations…

armenian tolma

With the New Year just around the corner, we can’t help but mention this must-have dish that graces holiday tables every year. Delicately wrapped grape leaves or cabbage filled with a mouth-watering blend of rice and minced meat are absolutely delectable. There’s something comforting and visually pleasing about seeing them on the holiday table each year.

Pasuts Dolma is even more typical for celebrating the New Year, catering to vegetarians and vegans. “Pasuts” translates to “fasting” in English, signifying the period of fasting traditionally observed during this time of year. This meal symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and all the positive things needed to start the year right. These kale-wrapped delights boast a variety of protein-rich grains, from red beans to lentils, chickpeas, bulgur, and more. To enhance the richness, dried fruits like apricot and plum are often added. A perfect meal—what’s not to love?

Hey jan… Hapama!

Source: “AMTRAVEL”- Armenian Tour Operator