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Traditional Armenian Famous Dishes

If you’re planning a trip to Armenia, get ready to indulge in some delicious Armenian dishes. Armenian food is known for being clean, organic, and appealing to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

One must-try dish is Khorovats, a unique barbecue experience. You can choose beef, pork, or chicken, and the preparation is a special ritual often done by men. The meat is marinated with a special sauce and served with lavash and tomato sauce. Vegetarians can enjoy roasted vegetables as a side dish.

Another Armenian traditional dish is Khash, a special Armenian tradition where people gather in the morning to eat this unique soup. It involves a lengthy preparation, including boiling meat in water overnight. Khash is enjoyed with garlic and dry lavash.

Spas, a delicious Armenian soup, is made with matsoon, egg, wheat, and herbs. It has a light and slightly sour taste, making it a must-try during your visit.

Harissa is a tasty chicken dish cooked with wheat and butter, requiring time and patience in its preparation.

For a unique snack, try Fruit Lavash, a variation of the traditional lavash bread made with different fruit creams like apricot, plum, cherries, apples, or pomegranate.

End your culinary journey with Gata, a sweet bread filled with sugar and nuts, perfect to enjoy with Armenian coffee or tea. Visit the villages of Garni and Geghard for the best gatas.

In Armenia, the variety and richness of traditional dishes make it a delightful experience for food enthusiasts.

Is Armenian food tasty?

Armenian cuisine is known for its rich and flavorful dishes, incorporating a variety of fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Many people find Armenian food to be tasty and satisfying. Here are some more popular Armenian dishes:

Dolma: Grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, meat, and spices.
Lavash: Thin, unleavened flatbread.
Lahmajoun: Armenian pizza, a thin round crust topped with minced meat, vegetables, and spices.
Kufta: Ground meat, typically lamb or beef, mixed with bulgur, onions, and spices.
Armenian cuisine also features a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
The use of herbs and spices, such as mint, parsley, and cinnamon, adds depth and complexity to the flavors. Overall, many people enjoy the diverse and delicious offerings of Armenian cuisine.

What is Armenian food similar to?

Armenian food is kind of like the food from nearby countries. It has some things in common with Middle Eastern food, such as grilled meats, rice, flatbreads, and tasty herbs and spices. It also shares features with Mediterranean food, like using olive oil, fresh veggies, and herbs. Georgian cuisine has similarities too, with some elements like using herbs, spices, and unique flavors.

But even with these similarities, Armenian food is still unique. It has its own special tastes and characteristics shaped by the country’s history, culture, and the ingredients they have locally. Each place in the region has its own way of making and enjoying food, with special touches that make it different and delicious.

Is Armenian diet healthy?

The Armenian diet can be healthy, but it depends on what individuals choose to eat. Traditional Armenian food often includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and lean meats, which are good for your health. Dishes like stuffed grape leaves and grilled meats are part of the traditional cuisine.

However, some people in Armenia also consume a lot of sugary drinks and processed meats, which may not be very healthy if eaten too much. 

It’s important for individuals to make good choices in what they eat to stay healthy. Some Armenians try to balance their diet by mixing traditional foods with modern choices. Remember, eating a variety of foods in moderation is a good way to stay healthy.

Source: Travel company Sara Voyage