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White crab and chokes

   Calorie count: 226

   This quick recipe comes from the River Café. A pot of handpicked Cornish crab meat is no bad
   thing to chuck into your shopping trolley: British, tasty, responsible, plentiful and around 87  
   calories per 100g.


      3 baby globe artichokes
      juice and zest of a lemon
      100g white Cornish crab meat
      1 tsp garlic, peeled and crushed
      2 tsps snipped chives
      salt and pepper
      1½ tsps  good olive oil
      100g rocket leaves

  • Remove the tough, outer leaves from the artichokes and slice the body of each as thinly as possible. 
  • A mandolin works well. 
  • Then squeeze on the juice of the lemon to prevent the slices from discolouring.
  • Mix with the crab, garlic, chives, lemon zest, salt and pepper, olive oil and a generous handful of rocket leaves. 
  • Serve right away.

      Globe artichokes contain prebiotic substances that can help improve gut health.