Basic Cheese Fondue – Fondue Neuchâtel


1 garlic clove
2 cups (400 g) Gruyère cheese
1 cup (200 g) Emmental cheese
1½ cups (300 ml) white wine
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp cornstarch
½ cup (100 ml) kirsch
Black pepper
Ground nutmeg
White bread cubes
(about 1 cup or 200 g per person)


Rub the inside of the caquelon with the garlic clove.

Either grate or plane both cheeses.

Bring the wine and lemon juice to a boil, stirring constantly

Combine the cornstarch and kirsch

and add them to the cheese, then season with pepper and nutmeg.

Cook the cheese until it is smooth and creamy, and then put it over an alcohol lamp at the table.

Let the fondue continue to bubble during the meal and stir it from time to time so that it stays creamy.

Spear the bread cubes with fondue forks and dip them into the cheese. And don’t forget: whoever loses his piece of bread has to treat everyone else to the next bottle of wine.

Tip: if the fondue is too thin, add more grated cheese; if it is too thick, thin it with wine. The wine,
incidentally, is critical – it should not be too aged and should contain abundant acids.

Cider is well – suited to use in a fondue.