Wienerbrødsdej – Puff pastry for Danish pastries


    1 portion of yeast-leavened dough (See recipe for Braided Bun – Vetelängd)
    1 cup (250 g) cold butter, cut into thin slices


  Roll the yeast-leavened dough out

  into a long rectangle about one eight 
  of an inch (0.5 cm) thick.

  Cover half the surface of the dough 
  with butter, fold the other half over, 
  and roll the dough out again.
  Repeat the procedure until all of the 
  butter has been used up.

  Rectangular envelopes of Danish 

  puff pastry are called spandauer – 
  nobody knows why any more. They 
  can be made with a great variety of 
  fillings, for example with jam or 
  vanilla cream, and they are topped 
  with almond slices or chopped nuts. 
  Sometimes they are finished with 
  chocolate icing as well.
  Here the no less famous 
  rectangular hanekamme, 
  cockscombs, are being made 
  from a marzipan mixture and 
  apple purée. 
  In many recipes marzipan and 
  ground nuts are mixed into the 
  dough. The final cake is covered 
  with a simple sugar icing or 
  sprinkled with sugar crystals.
  Outwardly the so – called 
  wienerhorn, Viennese croissant, 
  resembles the French croissant, 
  but contains more butter and a   
  marzipan or nut filling. 
  The triangles of dough are rolled 
  by taking hold of two corners and 
  rolling towards the third, thus 
  providing a good casing for the 
  filling. This gives the pastry its 
  characteristic croissant shape.