Terrine de Lapin – Rabbit Terrine

   Serves 10-12


   10 oz (300 g) rabbit
   3 oz (100 g) chicken
   7 oz (200 g) veal
   7 oz (200 g) spare rib
   of pork
   10 oz (300 g) fat
   1 tsp each finely
   marjoram and thyme
   2 Tbs Cognac
   Salt , black pepper
   1 egg
   4 oz (125 g) fat bacon,
   cut into strips


  Cut the rabbit meat into narrow


  To make the stuffing, purée the 

  liver, the remaining meat and the 
  fat bacon. Mix the purée with the 
  herbs, Cognac, pepper, salt, and 

  Line an ovenproof tureen with the 

  bacon strips. Fill the tureen with 
  alternate layers of the stuffing 
  mixture and the rabbit meat,  
  finishing with a layer of rabbit and 
  the bacon strips.

  Fill the tureen with alternate layers 

  of the stuffing mixture and the rabbit 
  meat, finishing with a layer of rabbit 
  and the bacon strips.

  Cover and cook in a bain marie in

  the oven for about 90 minutes at a 
  temperature of 350 ° F (175 °C). 
  Place a heavy weight on top of the 
  tureen and keep in a cool place for 6