Sade Lokum – Turkish Delight


For about 3 lbs (1.2 kg).
2 cups (250 g) rice flour
4½ cups (1 kg) sugar
¼ tsp citric acid crystals (from pharmacy)
8 oz (250 g) pistachio kernels
3 Tbs rose-water

  • Preparation:
  • Take a cake pan or pie dish measuring about 10 × 10 ins (25×25 cm) and line it with a muslin cloth large enough to overhang the sides all round.
  • Sprinkle it with about half of the rice flour. 
  • Mix the rest of the rice flour with the sugar and just over 5 cups (1 ¼ liters) of water, and bring to the boil in a large pan.  
  • Add the citric acid, and continue to boil, stirring continuously.

  • When the mixture begins to foam, reduce heat and continue to simmer, but continue stirring from time to time to prevent sugar setting and caramelizing.
  • After about 2 hours take the pan from the heat and test as follows: put one teaspoon of the mixture into iced water and shape into a ball. 
  • If it is elastic and can be squeezed, then the Turkish delight is ready.

  • Toast the pistachios and stir them into the syrup with the rose-water.

  • Pour the hot mixture into the pan or dish with the muslin, and smooth the surface.
  • Stand for at least 24 hours, then turn out on to a baking tray which you have sprinkled liberally with confectioner’s sugar. 
  • Use a very sharp knife to cut it into squares or

 rectangles, and turn each in icing confectioner’s sugar.

         Tip: instead of pistachios, chopped hazelnuts or walnuts can be used.