Recipe of the American diet

National way of weight loss

 Each country has its own, unique meals, eating habits and weight loss methods,
 Currently you can buy any exotic food you would like at your local supermarket. 
 So you can easily use any, of the following diet. Carefully refer to the selection of
 products  for diet and your body will thank you in good health.
 Most of the national diets, on this blog are designed by professional nutritionists and            therefore are quite safe.

Recipe of the American diet

“70% of Americans are overweight. The remaining 30% has to relax and enjoy.”

The type of this diet is mixed

It is soft and easy to perform and has no significant restrictions on the quantity and       quality of food consumed.
It is even allowed sweet flour and alcohol ( course in moderation ). 
The main limitation is not having dinner.
At night, there is a significant energy expenditure and reduction in weight up to 1-1.5 kg.     Therefore, if you stop eating from 17.00 to 06.07 am losing weight can be very 

The basic rules of the American diets are: 

1. Do not eat after 17.00.

2. During the day, try to consume as much water as you can.The water should be of good quality, as it could help the body to rid of toxins. But do not drink much after 17.00.

3. During the diet you should not be addicted on sweet, flour and fatty foods. Diversify your diet, include it as many fruits and vegetables. Choose lean meats, seafood and poultry.

4. Try to move more. Preferably on the outside, but do not overdo it. For it will suite swimming, fitness, sports games.

If we stick to the American diet for a long time, you can lose weight on a substantial     number of kgs, as well as to normalize the metabolism in our body’s.