Variety of diets – A balanced diet

Variety of diets

 There are many types of diets, some of them: Therapeutic diets; Rational diet; Balanced diet,

 Diet for weight loss: 1) protein diet, 2) fat diet, 3) carbohydrate diet.

A balanced diet

Immediately after waking up: a glass of boiled water at room temperature.
First breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomatoes 2 with a slice of rye bread or oatmeal with 

prunes and honey; tea with honey or fruit juice.

Second breakfast: an apple or other fruit or drinking yoghurt.

Lunch: chicken, mushroom or vegetable soup, baked fish or chicken with vegetables or 

beef with mushrooms, buckwheat or rice porridge or boiled beans, salad fresh vegetables, 

dessert – a cup of fruit platter.

Snack: Cereal bread or a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt or green tea.

Dinner: boiled fish, poultry, or seafood, fresh vegetable salad.

Before going to bed: a cup of yogurt.