How to make a Mojito cocktail

It’s not surprising that Mojito is one of the most favorite drinks for Cubans. Its refreshing ability and the taste of mint can become an inseparable part of hot summer nights.
So follow the post if you want to make a Mojito of your own.
For one cocktail serving you’ll need:
45 ml White Rum
Soda Water or Lemonade
½ tsp White Sugar
4 Limes
4 Fresh Mint leaves and the stem of the mint
Ice (20 pieces)


Place the sugar and the juice of 3 limes into the base of the glass and mix it with the teaspoon.
Place the mint into the glass, use the handle of a wooden spoon crush the mint leaves into the sugar mixture (you should crush the stem as much as you can so that the real mint flavor is released).
Fill the glass with ice and squeeze in the 4th lime. Add white rum and stir the mixture together thoroughly with teaspoon.
At the end add soda water or lemonade (if you use lemonade, your Mojito will be a bit sweeter).
Decorate your drink by adding a stick of mint into the edge of the glass.
Now you can enjoy your Mojito cocktail !!!