Armenian meal in a vegetable: Dolma

All the Armenian dishes are worth trying. You are sure to remember the smell and taste of each dish. However, Dolma is one of the must-try dishes, if you haven’t tried Dolma yet, you don’t know the true spirit of Armenian dishes.
1kg minced meat (you can also add 200 grams pork fat)
3 onions
1 cup round rice
150 gram butter
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon salt
Black pepper and cayenne
Greens (basil, savory, coriander, parsley, dill)
1kg grape leaves

Take 1 kg minced meat, add 3 chopped onions, 1 cup of round rice, 150 grams butter, 1 tblspoon tomato and 1 tblspoon salt, black pepper ad cayenne according to your taste. Add dried basil, savory and chopped coriander, parsley and dill to the meat. Add 0.5 cup of warmish water to the mass and knead until well mixed. Leave the meat for a few minutes. 

Open grape leaves, put one teaspoon of stuffing on it and roll up cigar-like. Put some grape leaves on the bottom of the pan, arrange dolmas on them, add some water to cover dolmas, two teaspoons of oil and put the pan on a gas fire. Dolma is ready in 20 minutes. It’s usually ready as soon as the rice has been thoroughly cooked. 

Before rolling meat in grape leaves, put leaves into boiled water until they change their color and become brownish.